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Tiny Wings Make
Tidal Waves


I invite you to join me in a walk-through experience designed to enhance our understanding of the individual impacts we all have on Earth, both harmful and helpful.

Tiny Wings Make Tidal Waves is a reference to the chaos theory phenomenon known as The Butterfly Effect. The theory states that a small, seemingly insignificant action in one instance of time and space can have grand and unpredictable effects in the future.

If a butterfly flaps its wings in Brazil does it set off a tornado in Texas?

This theory teaches us that all actions we do matter, and that we are a part of a larger system.

In the same way that small changes (a single note, the organization of a chord) create a noticeable difference in the sonic landscape around you, I believe that sustainable choices made by each of us will have a profound and positive impact on the world around us. 

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