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Artwork by Erica Nichols

The RE-Sensitization Project

An album in the works that directly confronts many of the sociopolitical issues currently reaching a breaking point status globally, and presents them in a musical language that can be understood by all. The goal of the project is to re-sensitize a desensitized society by creating an empathetic response to current events that people, especially in America, tend to feel dissociated from.


Three works will be explored:

Fragile by Craig Peaslee

A work for brass quintet and pre-recorded media

Composed in 2020, Fragile brings the social justice topics of Immigration, the Black Lives Matter movement, and the Covid19 pandemic to life along with the environmental justice issue of Global Warming in four powerful movements. 

Change is a ripple by Jenny Young

A work for two female trombonists doubling on steer horn, ocarina, and kalimba with loop station and Max MSP/Jitter

Change is a ripple directly quotes and is built upon the Cree proverb: "Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realize we cannot eat money". The work takes emotional aim at deforestation practices and pollution in the world today. The accompanying video created by the composer presents difficult truths about the state of the planet while the idea that change is a ripple communicates that each and every one of us can make an impact right now.

Rescue Me by Craig Peaslee 

A work for open ensemble

Rescue Me presents the events surrounding the recently concluded 20 year war in Afghanistan. A veteran's perspective of the conflict, the piece ponders why were we there in the first place when politicians (through their own missteps and shortcomings) dictated that the end result left the central Asian nation in basically the same state as where it was when we first set foot there. The events present how war is old people talking and young people dying, and - ultimately show - that the answers to achieving a peaceful world are not found through war and violence.

All three pieces are designed to enhance and be enhanced by accompanying visual works.









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