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Noise. is an interactive sound installation.

Using Max/MSP/Jitter (an infinitely flexible program to create interactive software), I have constructed this space for personal reflection on our impact on the world around us. 


When there is no audible input present (noise), the images of nature are clear and easy to make out, and the soundscape is calm and peaceful.


As we create and add noise, the image begins to dissolve into a ghost or a memory of its former self, and the soundscape grows busy and convoluted, where even moments of harmony begin to sound cacophonous. As the noise recedes, the image restores and the sounds grow calm again.

Below are the images and artists who have contributed to this project.

curved road Moon Tree copy.jpeg

Curved Road

Photograph by: Jenny Pohlman


Blue Sea Anemone

Photograph by: Egor Kamelev


Shallow Photography of Yellow Mushroom on Moss

Photograph by: Chris G


Blue and Red Galaxy Artwork

Artwork by: Suzy Hazelwood

*This work is blended into each of the other works as they disappear.

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